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I took my 5 year old to Rok'n cuts about a week ago. My wife had heard about Nadia from a friend and our son is not very calm when getting a hair cut. He squirms a lot and hates getting hair on his face and neck. It was pretty busy when we went but as soon as we entered the salon Nadia and Marlana greeted us right away and made us feel at ease. While we waited he was able to play on a Playstation with another child. Marlana was able to take Thomas after a short wait. She was very calm and friendly with him, she really made him feel at ease and he was actually having a good experience. While she worked her magic on his hair he was able to watch cartoons on a TV mounted in front of his chair. She gave him a great cut and kept him calm throughout. I was very impressed, so much so that I decided to get my hair trimmed as well. She gave me a great cut and helped me to actually change my style to something more modern, she was gentle and smooth with both of our cuts. I didn't feel rushed or hurried at all. I will definitely be back for my son and my hair cuts. We loved the overall vibe of the place and it was a pleasurable experience for both if us. We also checked out the cool shirts they had, I got him a AC/DC shirt that he liked. - Dave L.


This is by far the best place place I have even been. Myself and my daughter came into this salon based the consistent yelp reviews. And wow!!! We saw Marlana and she was just so on point with what I wanted and what my daughter wanted. It's sometimes hard to explain what you want but she was sharp and on point. My hair cut and my daughters cut and style were perfect!! She is amazing, creative and fun!! I couldn't of asked for a better stylist. She was so friendly and made us feel so comfortable. We highly recommend her and the owner Nadia was so welcoming. This is by far the best experience we have ever had!! Marlana rocks!!! - Sweetie P.


Nadia is the best! She gave both my kids their first haircuts and we've been with her ever since (10+ years). She is warm, genuine, puts kids at ease, and just a truly special person. We follwed her to her own, fantastic place and wouldn't go anywhere else. Once, I asked my son if he'd mind just getting a quick haircut somewhere else as we were heading out of town, and he said no, only Nadia! Congratulations on your new place! – Suzy G.


My four year old son got a haircut by Nadia today and everything was perfect. Nadia was warm and friendly, he loved the attention, the tv's kept him entertained and he love getting a lollipop and toy from the toy chest. Plus his haircut looks great! Would highly recommend. – Linda I.


Nadia is quick and efficient. Her cuts are consistent. If you want your kids to have a great haircut and feel good, go to this salon! Also, Nadia is amazing with kids with special needs. She worked with us to make the experience easier for my son, which ultimately made her job much harder. She let him sit on the floor, stand at the table and sit on a stool all the while, she cut and trimmed his hair to perfection in under 10 minutes! Nadia is fantastic! I cannot recommend her more highly! –Dina S.


I love this place. Nadia gave my baby boy the most amazing first haircut. The salon is super clean, hip and fun. My kids where glued to the playstation and didn't want to go home. Nadia, thanks for giving all my kids the best cuts and styles in town.!!!!!!!! I have long been an adult customer of Nadia, and she is as good as they come. She is very friendly, offers great service, and gives great haircuts. I wouldn't go anywhere else, even though most of her clientele are about 50 years younger than I am! – Betsy A.


We followed Nadia from Tipperary and couldn't be happier. The salon is fresh, clean and very hip. Nadia is a master stylist and handles even the squirmiest kids with ease. The receptionist is sweet and the toy chest was filled with fun treats. Lots of fun and less expensive than a lot of other salons of this calibre. Highly recommend. – N P


Just came from Nadia's new place, Rock'n Cuts, and my jaw hit the floor. I heard from a friend that the place was a one of a kind, but that was an understatement. How cute!! The colors are purples; the floor is a beautiful pressed white concrete and the stations are a stamped copper. She must have spent a fortune building this shrine for kids cuts. Amazing. She get my max review. I'll continue to come to see her for yrs. A must!! - Melissa M.


You gotta try Rock 'N Cuts. I have been a very satisfied client of Naida for years and have now happily followed her to her beautiful Beverly Hills Salon. Nadia knows her clients and has installed a Playstation and flat screen tv's to entertain them (particularly successful with the younger ones after visiting her salon today). But most importantly she just knows how to cut hair -- all ages, young and old. You can TRUST HER to do your hair and your children's hair. Very reasonably priced with easy on-street parking. I think you and your kids will love her! – Kaye C.


Nadia's new salon Rock'nCuts is fantastic for children and even their parents. Decor is just amazingly cool....Playstation in front with individual DVD's at each station. After 30 years at Tipperary, she opened this gem. The bathroom with changing table is large and essential for babies! Fun places to have lunch and snacks nearby....A must salon for all babies, teens, and their parents in beautiful Beverly Hills. – Diane F.


LOVE THIS PLACE! So new, clean and fresh - My 5 year old and 8 year old really enjoyed it there and their haircuts looked awesome. Nadia does a great job and the staff is super friendly and very accommodating. They told me while I was there that they also do adult's hair, so I'll be making an appointment for myself and my husband when we're ready to get dolled up! I highly recommend them. – Kelly F.


Can we give TEN stars?? Years ago.....Nadia gave both of my kids their first haircuts - we still have the photos and the hair locks! She was and is charming, professional, so great with kids, and a stellar stylist. Our daughter has Shirley Temple curls, and I am NOT exaggerating, when I say that people would stop us ON THE SIDEWALK after leaving Nadia and comment on my daughter's hair. If they didn't say something, they sure did look and smile. So happy that Nadia has her own new place and priced MUCH more affordably than the old spot where she was employed. Go and see Nadia, you'll be a client for LIFE! We definitely are. –Perry T.


I travel 1400 miles to get haircuts by Nadia, and when I called Tipperary to book an appointment, I find out she no longer works there. Nadia has opened her own salon which truly rocks with her cuts. Long over due, this is the place to visit for all ages. She attended to the first haircut of my daughter 30 years ago and has a flair with her scissors that leaves happy groomed customers. Nadia is a gem. –Sharla S.


The best hair stylists for children in Greater LA. Nadia has opened her new salon which is ideal for children, nicely decorated and so clean. Our two kids loved hanging out between their hair cuts. –Matthew H.


Nadia is just the best!! After years of wandering from chair to chair, I recently happened on Rock'n Cuts, and Nadia know just what I was looking for! Plus, the place is ROCK'N!!! –Bill B.


Great location, great service ..cool sixtys theme!! highly recommended!! Nadia cuts great hair !! will go back. - Patrick L.


For anyone that has ever had a child in the past 20 years, they've likely either seen or heard of Nadia. She's the best in the City and has now opened a new place on little Santa Monica in the heart of Beverly Hills. By the way, the salon is a cool 1960's vibe. Great look, great art, and cool music. Highly recommend.–Martin K.


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Marlana at Rock N Cuts was terrific. Both my girls loved their cuts and fancy nails!


Great service!!! Super kid-friendly! And, excellent job on hair and nails!! My two little girls enjoyed being pampered!!!


The two ladies working there were super nice to my son, especially Nadia. I think she is the owner. My son loved her warm, comforting attitude.


Marlana was great!!! my daughter had a blast, nice haircut and great manicure!!!. the place is great.


Very attentive, terrific service, and fun!