Baby's 1st Hair Cut

Starting at $30 (depending on Hair Length)

Our founder, Nadia, has proudly given babies their first rockin "doo" for over 30 years. No question, your baby's first hair cut is one of the most special occasions in your family history, and this moment will be remembered for years.  Rest assured, your baby will be loving it!  We gently get your baby comfortable in our cushy seat.  Next, baby gets into the vibe of some Doors or Janis music and
voila magic happens . . . baby is more beautiful than ever!  Of course, we preserve this far out moment with a special photo of the occasion and provide a keepsake lock of your little one's hair.  Your baby will have the coolest cut in the hood.

How to make sure that the first cut will be a "ROCKIN" Experience for your little one:  

We strongly suggest you bring the little guy or gal to hang with us at the salon beforehand.  We will get to know them and they will have some fun playing before its time to rock that doo.  Of course, it's always a good idea to have some open conversation with your child about how fun it will be to get that first haircut.